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Panel sterowania, kontrola temperatury, wtrysk ciekłego azotu


Optimization system for temperature control in mixing equipment

The CONTROL UNIT-M has been designed by Air Liquide to optimize the temperature control system in mixing equipment to control the injection of either liquid nitrogen (ALIGAL™ 1) or carbon dioxide (ALIGAL™ 2) into the mixers with bottom injection system.


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The CONTROL UNIT-M optimizes the process in food processing equipment equipped with CRYO INJECTOR-CB3 nozzles or similar types of cryogenic injectors. Air Liquide can provide a complete solution for temperature control in food mixers.

The CONTROL UNIT-M is a flexible control cabinet, it can be easily retrofitted onto any new or used mixer/blender (with single wall construction) and may significantly increase performances (cryogenic fluid consumption, product homogeneity, process time).


  • faster mixing times by up to 30%,
  • reduced cryogen consumption for temperature control applications by at least 15%,
  • improved product quality due to automated control of the CRYO INJECTOR-CB3 nozzles,
  • easily integrated onto any type of food mixer/blender,
  • flexibility: adapted to many parameters, food products and mixing equipment,
  • easy to maintain, no moving parts,
  • lower costs during the project, thanks to standard equipment,
  • easier control and oversight of the process, 
  • possibility to save the recipe,
  • possibility to save fault history.