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Podczas przetwarzania żywności gwałtowne chłodzenie produktów umożliwia zwiększenie wydajności procesu produkcyjnego i zapewnia zgodność z normami higieny i jakości.


During food processing, a rapid cooling of products allows an increased productivity and a compliance with hygiene and quality standards.

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Liquid nitrogen or liquid CO2 into specific equipment brings you:

  • a faster process flow rate,
  • a rapid foodstuffs deep cooling,
  • a low investment,
  • a respect of visual and gustative food qualities,
  • a flexible use. 
mrożenie kriogeniczne, chłodzenie kriogeniczne
Freezing & Chilling

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Chilling on the process line

Some foodstuffs (e.g. bakery products, sauces, ready meals...) must be chilled quickly after cooking or pasteurization. This process needs liquid nitrogen or CO2 snow. It allows to:

  • reduce chilling time in comparison with air ventilation and facilitate continuous production,
  • guarantee the food safety by minimising the time spent by the product in the risky or the prohibited temperature fork,
  • treat the foodstuffs directly on your own conveyor or with a specific continuous cryogenic tunnel.


Mrożenie i chłodzenie kriogeniczne


Several equipment can be used for this application: