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Kariera w Air Liquide

Why is it worth working with us?

At Air Liquide, people are the greatest asset. Our development depends on our employees and we want to provide them with the best possible workplace.

The success of our company is closely related to the skills, commitment, and satisfaction of each employee!

That is why we:

  • Promote career development opportunities
  • Encourage development by providing access to training and interesting tasks
  • Ensure the work-life balance and comfort of our employees through a wide range of benefits 

Air Liquide in Poland has 450 satisfied employees! 

Our employees work in various business areas and have diverse education and experience backgrounds – each of them is a specialist in their own field. At Air Liquide they can develop their skills and acquire new competences and experience. They have a great influence on the company’s development and we help them build their career paths.  

With us, you can start your career in different locations in Poland: 

Industrial gases, food gases, specialty gases

Our business lines:

  • LARGE INDUSTRIES: We have been working with our customers for years, managing the technological process and production facilities for the production and supply of gases
  • INDUSTRIAL MERCHANT: We deliver our gases in various forms: liquid directly to the customer's tank using tanker trucks, and compressed gas in cylinders
  • HEALTHCARE: We provide medical products supporting health and life protection as well as services for hospitals and patients at home

7 golden rules

Managers of our units and their HR partners help the Group achieve its business objectives.
These "7 golden rules" summarize the Group's daily commitment in developing our talents:

  • Provide a safe and ethical working environment
  • Attract, Choose, Assign: the right people, the right roles 
  • Promote diversity 
  • Measure results relying upon feedback culture
  • Learn and Develop for long term achievements
  • Identify, develop and appreciate expertise 
  • Reward achievements


In order to meet the requirements and challenges Air Liquide faces, we introduced the program in 2019. 
Thanks to Be, Act, Engage, Air Liquide adapts to social changes, offering more active listening, deeper dialogue, and improved cooperation within the Group. By encouraging employees to express themselves and listen to each other, we create conditions for the Group's joint development and commitment to the world of tomorrow.