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Our CSR activities

CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities undertaken by Air Liquide in Poland

Human Resources

ul. Jasnogórska 9
31-358 Kraków
tel.: +48 12 62 79 300


Each year we support those in need by taking part in: 

  • Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Gift) – we offer our support in several of our locations to families who, apart from their difficult situation, face challenges due to disabilities.
  • Business Run – we run to help people with motor skills disabilities. The mission of the Poland Business Run Foundation is to provide comprehensive and professional assistance for disabled people, reduce social barriers, and help people at risk of amputation. 
  • The Christmas Fair supporting the Brother Albert Foundation (Fundacja im. Brata Alberta) and the Easter Fair supporting the Occupational Therapy Workshops in Trzebinia – before Christmas, volunteers visit the branches of our company. For donations, they repay the kindness with a hand-made gift, made together by the disabled and their careers.

Environmental protection 

We improve air quality, prevent global warming, and support the energy transition. For many years, we have been committed to sustainable development, in particular to reducing CO2 emissions. As a part of its global approach to climate change, Air Liquide has set the most ambitious goals in its sector. The Group's commitments are aimed not only at reducing carbon emission intensity related to our activity, but also at collaborating with our customers towards a sustainable industry and a low-carbon society. 

UN Global Compact

Air Liquide is committed to the highest standards of its business conduct. Therefore, as a Group, we are part of the UN Global Compact. It is the world's largest initiative bringing together businesses working towards sustainable development. The UN Global Compact is an institution supporting and enabling partnership between governments, civil society, employers, and the UN. The UN Global Compact seeks to link strategic business activities to the 10 fundamental principles of human rights, labor rights, environmental protection, and anti-corruption measures.

Diversity & Inclusion Measures

  • HandivAirsity
    HandivAirsity is an initiative to raise awareness about disability within the Air Liquide Group. Our activities are focused on building a culture of mutual understanding and integration. As part of this idea, we also support charitable organizations whose beneficiaries are people with different stages of disability.
  • ALWIN and Diversity Week
    ALWIN (Air Liquide Women's Initiative Network) – an initiative promoting diversity within Air Liquide. It focuses on providing our employees – women and men – with the most optimal opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge. The main goal is to create a friendly work environment where we can exchange experiences, fulfil our common ambitions, and face the challenges of tomorrow.
    In support of the ALWIN initiative, we launched Diversity Week. Each year we meet for a series of events where we can not only get to know each other better, but also celebrate the fact that we are diverse – and we find that beautiful. 
  • Air Talks
    Air Talks in Air Liquide is a series of short speeches similar to the popular TedTalks, which has many shades in our Group. We address topics that touch us – from our passions, through modern world issues, to the finer points of our business operations. The rapid development of societies, business and technology requires flexibility and the ability to look at the environment from different perspectives – and we learn that together.