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The Air Liquide solution for shielding gases in arc welding and cutting

ARCAL™: forward through innovation

At Air Liquide we see the shielding gases for arc welding differently. In a market featuring a multitude of similar products, we aim at helping you with a clever offer. And we believe that clever doesn’t have to be complex. Actually simple is a lot smarter. It’s only then that you can concentrate on the issues that truly count for your welding operations, like ensuring the confidence that comes with a gas solution that’s reliable, simple and always high performing.
This is the approach that Air Liquide’s ARCAL™ brings to the users. We have put the simple back into arc welding, without taking away any of our quality and safety. Through a spirit of innovation and a commitment to high performance with simplicity, we aim at pushing the welding gas market forward.


The full range of ARCAL™ shielding gases includes:

  • modern technology of cylinder filling ensuring the highest gas quality and purity control,
  • stable gas composition in every cylinder during whole cycle of cylinder use,
  • special valve protecting cylinder from outside impurities,
  • conformity with PN-EN ISO 14175 standard.

ARCAL™ shielding gases deliver optimum performance for welding of different materials (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium and its alloys and others) as well as for different welding conditions and positions. The application of these gases allows high welding and cutting productivity, exceptional quality of welded joints and better working conditions, due to:

  • high welding and cutting speeds,
  • excellent penetration profiles,
  • extra low spattering,
  • low fume and gas emission,
  • excellent arc control,
  • easy parameter set-up.


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ARCAL™ products

We offer you ARCAL™ products grouped in 2 lines:

  • Reference line: 4 ready-to-weld Argon mixtures to cover practically any welding situation or circumstance. Each one is designed to be reliable, simple and high-performing, each and every time, no matter when you need it, where you need it and how much you need:

  • Technical line when the circumstance demands a product ready for particular high-end specifications.

See 2 tutorial videos on "The selection of gases for MIG/MAG/TIG welding" and on "The ABC of safe welding" (in Polish).


For many years Air Liquide has applied innovative solutions in the gas cylinder field to improve its safety, economy and ease of use.

Our ARCAL™ products are delivered in B50 (200 bar) and B33 (300 bar) cylinders and Maxipak (200/300 bar) bundles, advanced high quality packaging with higher cylinder gas quantity, are equipped with valve with residual pressure and check valve protecting against empting to 0 pressure and outside impurities.

Our cylinders are mostly fitted with EXELTOP™ALTOP™ and SMARTOP™, what allows:

  • to increase process efficiency,
  • to improve safety of use,
  • to reduce time.