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Air Liquide w Polsce oferuje gazy specjalne do zastosowań laboratoryjnych i analitycznych.


A unique range of ALPHAGAZ™ products to ensure optimum performance of your laboratory equipment and to meet all the quality requirements

For many years Air Liquide has been offering you ALPHAGAZ™ product range specifically designed for laboratory and analysis applications with 500 000 cylinders delivered daily. Our gases are manufactured in over 30 mixtures’ production plants that are strategically positioned across the world. 14 of them are of high degree of specialisation and in charge of production of high precision mixtures only.


gazy specjalne, gazy laboratoryjne

Air Liquide has a modern Floxfill SG specialty gas filling plant in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland, which by decision of Polish Accreditation Center (PCA) was granted the CERTIFICATE OF ACCREDITATION No. RM005 in the scope of production of Gas Reference Materials, according to the requirements of ISO 17034 standard. 

In addition, Air Liquide has 5 other filling plants in Europe with analytical laboratories accredited by national bodies (France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands), manufacturing customized mixtures in accordance with ISO 17025 standard. 

Our local and experienced team of specialists and experts, assisted by the Group's vast resources, support you not only with gas application, but also with operating of analytical equipment.

Cylinders for specialty gases

Cylinders, dedicated exclusively for laboratory gases, are available in several sizes (B5, B10, B11, B50) and are dried, vacuumed and heated before the first filling. They are equipped with chrome-plated brass valves and NRV-RPV valves.

Filling ramps are dedicated exclusively for specialty gases.

Currently, some of the ALPHAGAZ™ products are available in cylinders fitted with SMARTOP™ valves. Finally, all of our products from a range of ALPHAGAZ™ 1, ALPHAGAZ™ 2 and ALPHAGAZ™ MIX will be equipped in this way. Innovative and ergonomic SMARTOP™ valve cylinder makes easier to operate cylinders:

  • ergonomic and protective cap assures comfort & safety,
  • lever-activated valve provides fast ON/OFF action,
  • pressure gauge immediately allows you to see available volume without the use of a regulator.

Now you can improve safety in your laboratory environment, where gas quality and cylinder ergonomics help you work more efficiently and accurately.


Air Liquide offers a full range of equipment for the handling of pure gases (up to N60: 99,9999%) and mixtures. Your applications and related gas specifications are extremely important. Proper selection and assembly of your equipment can preserve the integrity of your gas analysis results.