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Air Liquide Polska at 12th METAL WELDING Seminar in Piła

The 12th METAL WELDING Seminar organised by the Polish Society of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians (SIMP) was held on 20th of May 2022 in Piła. Air Liquide, a world leader in gases, technologies and equipment for welding and cutting, participated in this event.

The seminar was addressed to the local market of entrepreneurs, welding supervisors and welding engineers. The theoretical part of the conference took place in lecture halls of the State University of Applied Sciences in Piła, and the practical part, including welding demonstrations, in laboratory rooms.

During the theoretical part, Mr. Jan Tabaczyński, Welding & Cutting Business Developer at Air Liquide, delivered a lecture on "Effects of CO2 content in Argon on the quality of MAG welded joints". In the practical part, we had the opportunity to talk about our solutions for different customer requirements (Skid tank, EXELTOP™, Flosafe...) and the diagnostic processes performed at the customer site (gas flow tester, particle measurement). 

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