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ACT for a sustainable future

Air Liquide has long been working to combine growth with concern for the environment and society. Air Liquide contributes through its environmental and societal actions and commitments to achieve some of the Sustainable Development Goals set up by the United Nations, wherever it can make a real difference.

Air Liquide has a growth trajectory.

This means performing steadily in the present and preparing well for the future thanks to a deeply resilient and diversified business model. Performance and Sustainability are therefore both core to our strategy.

It also means supporting our customers and patients and addressing the urgency of climate change and societal transformation.

"Our ambition going forward is to make a meaningful difference."

Watch the presentation by Benoît Potier, Air Liquide's Chairman and CEO, on the Group's commitments to a sustainable future.


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Inventing and shaping the future with state of the art technologies, operational competences and services close to customers or patients, has always been in our DNA.

But it is clear today that the role of a company like ours goes beyond this. As a matter of fact we all share – States, companies and individuals – the responsibility and the mission of building a sustainable future.

It is time to ACT for a sustainable future.

Sustainability Report

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Abatement of CO2 emissions for a low-carbon society
As we invent clean technologies for industries and clean mobility, we work on the frontline of environmental progress, playing a decisive role in the transition to a low-carbon society and the development of a hydrogen economy.
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Care for patients
2020 brought healthcare to the top of the world’s agenda with the Covid crisis. As a major world player in healthcare, Air Liquide has always been close to patients, medical professionals, hospitals and health authorities. The Group is well positioned to contribute to help transform healthcare to better support patients and better meet their needs around the world.
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Trust as the base to engage with our employees
The Group's long-term performance is driven by our employees and we are convinced that the power to impact the present and shape a better future is in their hands. Our commitment is to create a safe, inclusive and engaging workplace, while nurturing employees’ inventiveness, supporting their development and empowering them.
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Trust for building a best-in-class governance
As a responsible global and local player overseen by a diversified, independent Board of Directors, we can make a difference in the responsible way we behave day to day, manage our business, and interact with all our stakeholders: customers, suppliers, patients, employees, shareholders and the communities at large.

Download the brochure detailing our commitments to contribute to a sustainable future.